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Software Metrics – How high is your effort?

Software metrics is concerned with the measurability of making software based on certain criteria. Software metrics provide information on the size and the effort that is required for the production of the respective software. At Grüner IT, we use three different information sources as a basis for analysis:

  1. the specification sheet, listing the requirements
  2. the software itself
  3. the source code

Our software metrics and your benefits

  • With the precise creation of software metrics, Grüner IT supports you proactively before starting the software development process. For example, by providing significant numbers during the bidding process.
  • Moreover, by using benchmarking data, we deliver serious statements regarding the efficiency with which your software implementation team(s) implement or have implemented projects. In addition, you will receive concrete evidence of improvement potentials in the development process.

When generating software metrics, we use three different methods and utilize information from two databases that will, together with our experience, guarantee a promising advantage at the end:

  • IFPUG Functions Points
  • COSMIC Function Points
  • COCOMO II (Constructive Cost Model)
  • ISBSG (International Software Benchmarking Standards Group)
  • COSMIC Benchmark Data
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What our clients say about us

Peter has worked as part of our key function point support team in Germany on several major supplier project and application counts.  Both our internal team and our external clients have appreciated his counting efficiency and excellent project management skills.

David Consulting Group, Sheila Dennis