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Software tests that work.

Software tests make a valuable contribution towards increasing efficiency, regardless of whether you initiate the software test afterwards or during the development process. In all cases, Grüner IT provides qualified staff, who, as test engineers, fulfill the following tasks during the respective software test:

  • Test analysis and design (test case creation)
  • Black-box techniques: specification-based test design techniques
  • Analysis of requirements documents and deriving of test cases
  • White-box techniques: code-based test design techniques
  • Analysis of the program text, derivation of test cases.
  • Manual testing procedure, including documentation of the results
  • Evaluation of the automated tests

Software testing at all three levels

For software testing, Grüner IT does not just cover a wide range of tasks. In addition, it is your decision whether to perform the software test directly on your premises or from our office, via a secure Internet access to your system, or with a local installation of your software. In any case, we can help at all three levels of software testing:

  • Component Integration Test (interface test)
  • System Test (test of the entire system)
  • Acceptance Test (test of acceptance criteria)
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