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Agil Software Development | Successful with SCRUM

The remarkable speed of software evolution also requires testing and development to keep up the pace. We ensure this immediacy by continually setting many small goals to achieve the big targets for our customers. This brings us to the philosophy of SCRUM – a model that is currently in particularly high demand in the area of agile software development:

The end result is the best software product

SCRUM assumes that no development process is unpredictable. Therefore, goals are set, controlled and presented in small intervals. Thanks to SCRUM, you always have the opportunity to intervene, as necessary, in the process as well as influence the development progress accordingly. The end result is the best software product in regards to cost, functionality, time, and quality.

As certified SCRUM Master, we reduce the complexity of your development project. Grüner IT assumes the role of both equal moderator and supervisor within the team and, thus, the overall responsibility for the success of your software development project.

Responsibilities of Grüner IT during the SCRUM development process:

  • Introduction of the SCRUM rules and supervision
  • Optimization of the development team
  • Daily measurement of the project’s progress and transparency
  • Regular customer information (about every 2 to 4 weeks) on the results plus customer feedback
  • Taking your desired changes into account during the course of the project
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